Australian Radio School Testimonials

Joanna Hocking – August 2016

Enrolling in the “Introduction to Radio” course through the Australian Radio School was something I had wanted to do for years- I’d always thought the idea of learning the “ins and outs” of radio sounded incredibly interesting.  I mean, who wouldn’t, right??  But, like so many others, life seemed to just get in the way.  Until mid last year when I decided it was ‘my’ time and I was going to follow some of my own interests- it was now or never!  As I sat through the first session of the course, I was immediately enthralled.  Sean’s passion for the industry is infectious and suddenly I realised that this wasn’t just a course that I would learn about as an outsider looking in- there was a strong possibility that if we followed Sean’s lessons, we could make working Radio, reality.  Listening to Sean and other guest speakers talk about the skills and practices needed for radio, felt like a perfect culmination of my varied work experiences. He motivated us with skill- I was hooked.…. and determined to be signed up for following “Masterclass” as well.
The decision to sign up for this course was one of the best that I have made for myself. For those 4 months, not only was I challenged with captivating course content every week, but the skills that I learned and had reinforced to me were interchangeable into so many other career and life situations.  I have been preaching the benefits of this school, to anyone who will listen, since the first day I started the Intro course, and I’m not stopping now. Give it a go.  YOU could make it happen….

Crystal Vas – Intro to Radio 2013 >>>> Power FM Bega 2016

I went in to the Australian Radio School not really knowing what to expect, but left with an absolute passion for radio and scored a job in the industry not long after.
Rather than being given a text book, it was so refreshing to do so much hands on work, and to learn from stories, experiences and cheeky hints told by people who are actually succeeding in the industry.
Now, I use bits and pieces of what I learnt in the course for my job everyday!

Craig Pitman – Intro and Masterclass 2014 >>>> ZZZ FM Lismore 2016

Sitting in a course full of people I didn't know, I was barely able to look anyone in the eye as I said I hated the sound of my own voice. I always thought I would work behind the scenes in radio, but Sean saw my potential, nurtured my personality and built my confidence and now I can't imagine not being behind a microphone. This course is for everyone. The curious, the introverted, the confident, the just plain 'out there'. If you have a passion for radio, no matter who you are, this course will help you on your way to a career in the industry. Sean goes above and beyond to help his students. Not only outside course hours, but outside the course itself! As a teacher, mentor and friend, invested in getting your foot in the door for your first gig!

Erin Wimhurst - Master Class 2014

The master class really challenged me to go the extra step, it's an intense 4 weeks but still so enjoyable! The course really helps to develop new team working skills that are essential to any career – not just radio! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to challenge themselves for their radio career!

Julie Reynolds - Master Class 2014

The amount of information I received during the Masterclass was invaluable. Sean, all his facilitators and guests speakers Tim Verrall, Jarrod Walsh & Lynne Hayes, were incredibly generous with their sharing of top line industry knowledge. They were also all very encouraging to each and every student. Sean gave each student the best opportunity to learn, step up a level and to shine. Each module and assignment was explained in terms that were easy to understand and to utilise throughout each students radio career. I couldn't be any happier that I did this course, I highly recommend it to anyone interested in a radio career or like myself, wanting to reignite the flame and enhance their skill level. I give it 5 "Julie's" (out of 5)

Nerida Box - Master Class 2013

Just a quick one, to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I've NEVER done anything like it... I found it challenging, interesting and extremely informative. I learnt so much and LOVED being out of my comfort zone. Its opened my ears to the way I hear radio, and giving me a passion for the art form. The course is worth every cent and I’ll be recommending it to everyone.

Belinda Flaherty - January 2013

If radio is an industry that excites your sensors ... I highly recommend this course for you! You get a real hands on approach - testing out your own creativity and flair for what radio announcers do, while also being informative and educational through all aspects of the radio industry. We visited different radio stations to see how the magic happens with guest speakers genuinely passionate in what they do, who were easy to interact which complimented the entire course experience. Whether you want to be the next big ROCK JOCK or simple follow a career path behind the scenes - this course is a MUST!

Michael Moschos - January 2013

I cannot speak highly enough of this course. Unlike other courses, this course doesn't just teach you the radio stuff, but teaches you how to apply that stuff to an actual radio job. Sean Craig Murphy and the team were super passionate about radio and made it a really fun and friendly environment to learn in. With each session there was something new and exciting to look forward to, challenging you to step that little bit further out of your comfort zone each time. I learned so much from the radio professionals at ARS; radio skills that would've normally taken a lifetime in the industry to pick up. This course really does fast track you, and I recommend it to anyone wanting to pursue a career in radio.

Paul and Tracy Dickens - August 2010

Paul and I were excited to attended the Australian Radio School and learn all about the behind the scenes of radio work -and we weren’t disappointed! The course is fun, informative and challenging. Whether you have ever considered a career in radio or not, you’ll certainly feel inspired at the end of each and every session by our amazing and knowledgeable instructors. Who knows... you may be a rising star like so many of the success stories that came out of our group! Paul is an audio engineer and he got such a kick out of the sessions on production and panel operations, and through the fabulous opportunities provided by the school, I discovered I had hidden vocal talent and creative writing ability! The guest speakers were really approachable, and it was enjoyable attending a range of radio stations to see the variance in technology. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and totally recommend the course.

Remember – you can’t build a reputation on what you’re GOING to do! “Henry Ford”

Nikki O'Brien (pictured below) - May 2010

Sean and his team have bottled the magic of radio! They drip feed it to you week by week inspiring you not only creatively, but also challenge you to really think outside the box, moulding your talents to be the best radio presenter you can be!!

Ben Erbsland (pictured above) - May 2010

The Australian Radio School is a fantastic opportunity for anyone with a passion for radio who wants to explore their creative side. I loved my time here; their advice and insight into the world of radio really inspired me and helped to guide me in the right direction. Best of all, it’s all about being yourself and trying new ideas; these guys just take to you to the next level!

Tim Attiwill - May 2011

The Australian Radio School's Introduction to Radio course can be summed up in one word... Rad.

I really had some kick arse fun over the twelve weeks. If you have ever wanted a look inside a radio station or wanted to find out what happens behind the voices you here, then this is the course you need to get all over.

SCM and all the tutors were awesome, really inspiring and always really keen to help us out. It was nice to have industry people who have a MASSIVE passion for what they do lead the class, this goes for all the guest lecturers throughout the twelve weeks. I would recommend this course to anyone who is a bit of a media junky or if you’re like me and just want to rule at radio!

You make some awesome contacts and great mates; I even walked away with a job!

Thanks again guys.